There is a Zen Buddhist parable about three monks watching a flag waving in the mind. One monk makes an observation about how the flag moves. The second monk says it is not really the flag, but the wind that moves. The third monk criticizes both of them by saying it is neither the flag nor wind that moves. It is really the mind that moves. The message is that the world is an illusion or “maya” (Brannigan 103). In order to escape from this illusion, people must free their minds because it is their minds that interpret and define what is real for them (Brannigan 103). A similar example is found in the first Matrix movie when Neo meets a boy dressed as a Buddhist monk in the Oracle’s apartment. The boy telekinetically bends a spoon, and tells Neo that “there is no spoon.” The boy is conveying that the world inside the Matrix is an illusion and it does not exist like the spoon.