The Gnostics have a negative view of the human body, because they consider it to be part of the bad material world (Fielding 7). They focus only on the spirit. Most the Gnostic sects expect its followers to live a ascetic lifestyle without procreation, and imposed mortification on the flesh (Fielding 7). However, the Matrix movies have a different view on the role of the body. In the Matrix Reloaded, the Zionites celebrate their freedom by dancing ecstatically in a big cave to the sound of drumming. The Zionites give themselves over to their bodily desires. Their clothes have become transparent, revealing their bodily parts as they sweat. The dance reminds the Zionites what they have been liberated from. The cave dance scene is cross-cut with Neo and Trinity having sex in their private residence. The sexuality of the two scenes emphasises the celebration of the human body. The two scenes are presented as fulfilling and inherently good (Bowman 4 ). This notion directly contradicts the Gnostics’ negative view towards the human body.