Contemporary Gnostics believes there are many individuals, rather than only Jesus, who can function the role of the Gnostic Redeemer (Godawa 3). This idea is reflected in the Matrix Reloaded, when the Architect tells Neo that Neo is not the only One. There has been five “Ones” before him. However, the similarities end right there. The previous Ones have kept the Matrix system in balance, by  participating in the cyclical destruction and rebuilding of Zion every 100 years. The idea of numerous  messiahs reflects the New Age belief that there are many paths to enlightenment, while the five “Ones” before Neo illustrate that the Architect has greater control of the Matrix than one originally envisions. The Architect indirectly helps to establish the human resistance in Zion, so the Matrix will not experience system failure and all the outnumbered human rebels will be destroyed by the sentinels in one place. This revelation makes the human resistance’s rebellion against the machines seem more futile.