Interaction within the Matrix reflects Buddhist views towards the world and the purpose of existing. Living within the Matrix resembles the Buddhist concept of samsara, which teaches that the world humans live in is constructed from the sensory projections devised from their own desires (Flannery-Dailey and Wagner 22). The Matrix is a neural interactive simulation, that consists of digital projections of billions of people who are unaware of the false reality they live in (Flannery-Dailey and Wagner 22). Their perception of the illusory world is sustained by the hardware attached to their real bodies and the elaborate software programs created by A.I. When Morpheus takes Neo into the “construct” to teach him about the Matrix, Neo learns that the digital projection of himself in the Matrix reflects how he views himself in the Matrix. Thus, both Buddhism and the Matrix trilogy agree that humans’ acceptance of false reality came partially from their own desires.